Instructions for Presenters

To help everyone get the most out of the JCDL 2013 conference, we are asking all the presenters to engage with other attendees via our and Lanyrd sites. Please do the following:

Claim Your and Lanyrd Speaker Profile
Find your speaker profile in our event and claim it, if you don’t already have an account there. The list of speakers is here:

Find your speaker profile in our Lanyrd event and claim it, if you don’t already have an account there. The list of speakers is here:

Note: Many of these are already linked to Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn profiles, so you will want to connect those to and Lanyrd to claim your profile.
You can also create a local account on Lanyrd and then connect to Twitter and/or LinkedIn afterwards. Connecting to both is helpful for finding people you know at the conference, and helping them find you!

Upload Your Materials and Link them to Lanyrd
As soon as your presentation slides are ready (which we know might not be until the day of your session...), post them publicly and link them into the Lanyrd session.

We suggest you upload your slides to SpeakerDeck:
•    Go to and log in with your Github account, or sign up.
•    Upload a PDF version of your slides.
•    Be sure to add the “#JCDL13” hashtag to the description of your deck.
SpeakerDeck is simple and clean, but you can also use Slideshare ( if you prefer it.

Grab the link to your uploaded deck, and go back to the Lanyrd page for your session and paste the link into the “Add coverage to this session” box. You can also provide links to other materials related to your sessions: handouts, photos, videos, etc.

YouTube Recording of Keynote Sessions
We are planning to record our keynote sessions on Google+ Hangout-On-Air that will be available on the JCDL 2013 YouTube channel for later review.



Each demonstration will have a 6 foot table with power, its own internet connection, and half a poster board (4 feet x 4 feet).

Paper Sessions

Presenters should arrive in the room assigned to their session at least 15 minutes before the start of their session and check-in upon arrival with the Session Chair. Schedule, session room assignments, and session chair names are available at

Papers will be presented in the order they are listed in the program for each session.

Each full paper presentation is allotted 20 minutes for presentation + 10 minutes for questions. Each short paper presentation is allotted 10 minutes for presentation + 5 minutes for questions. Session chairs will strictly enforce time limits. Presentation of the paper, including such content as the problem, the background, the innovative approach, the findings and any comparative evaluation that the author/presenter wishes to present must be accomplished in that time allocation. Presentation is not a reading of the paper, but rather a dynamic summary of the most intellectually salient points and findings from the paper.

All presenters will have access to a podium, microphone, projector, screen, and Internet (wi-fi) connection. Presenters are expected to bring their own laptop for use with the projector. All laptops to be used during a session should be tested with the projector prior to the start of the Session. Presenters of successive papers may wish to share use of a laptop to minimize computer switches -- this should be arranged and tested prior to the start of the session.

Poster Sessions

The poster board in the session hall will be 4 feet by 8 feet, double-sided. Each board will accommodate two posters on each side, and each poster will therefore be limited to a maximum size of 3 feet x 4 feet.

•    Accepted presenters must bring their posters and demonstrations with them as accommodations will not be made for printing on site.
•    Accommodations: Electricity and wifi will be made available to all accepted demonstrations. Push pins will be available for posters. Additional setup accommodations need to be arranged by the individual contributors.