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Panels, Posters & Demonostrations

*** Submissions are now closed ***

Panels and posters provide opportunities to present work-in-progress, late-breaking results, or other efforts that would benefit from discussion with the community. Successful panel proposals should involve a controversial or emerging topic and articulate and entertaining panelists. Panel proposals must consist of a title, a 1-page extended abstract explaining the topic and goals of the session along with a list of titles of individual presentations and/or viewpoints and contact information for the organizer, moderator, and panelists. Posters permit presentation of late-breaking results in an informal, interactive manner. Poster proposals should consist of a title, a 1-page extended abstract, and contact information for the authors. Accepted posters will be displayed at the conference and may include additional materials, space permitting. Abstracts of panels and posters will appear in the proceedings. Demonstrations will allow attendees to have first-hand views of innovative digital libraries technology and applications and to talk informally with system developers and researchers. Demonstration proposals should consist of a title, a 1-page extended abstract, and contact information for the authors. Abstracts of demonstrations will appear in the proceedings. All contributions are to be submitted in electronic form via the JCDL conference web site.

The conference will award The Best Poster Award for the JCDL 2004 Conference. $500 and a plaque will be awarded in this category. The best poster award will be selected based on the voting of the meeting participants during the poster session. A poster will be judged based on the overall quality of the presentation during the conference poster session.

Four panels have been accepted to be part of the conference schedule. Accepted
posters and demonstrations are listed below.


Accepted Posters

Principal Author
Ahmad, Faisal Bhushan, Sonal; Gu, Qianyi; Sumner, Tamara The Concept Space Interchange Protocol
Allard, Suzie   Communication Channels and the Adoption of Digital Libraries for Electronic Theses and Dissertations
Allen, P. Feiner S.; Meskell, L.; Ross, K.; Troccoli, A.; Smith, B.; Benko, H.; Ishak, E.; Conlon, J. Digitally Modeling, Visualizing and Preserving Archaeological Sites
Allmang, Nancy Remshard; Jo Ann NIKE: Integrating Workflow, Digital Library, and Online Catalog Systems
Azeez, Babatunde Sharmin, Eshita; Kerne, Andruid; Southern,Joseph; Summerfield,Bridgette; Aholu; Isaac Sharing Culture Shock through a Collection of Experiences
Bartolo, Laura M. Glotzer, Sharon C.; Khan, Javed I.; Powell, Adam C. IV; Sadoway, Donald R.; Anderson,Kenneth M.; Warren, James A.;Tewary, Vinod; Lowe, Cathy S.; Robinson, Cecilia The Materials Digital Library:
Bracke, Paul J. Coleman, Anita S.; Nelson, Shawn DLIST: Opening LIS Research and Practice
Bruder, Ilvio Ignatova, Temenushka; Milewski, Lars Integrating Knowledge Components for Writer Identification in a Digital Archive of Historical Music Scores
Caidi, Nadia Clement, Andrew Digital Libraries and Community Networking: The Canadian Experience
Chau, Michael   Applying Web Analysis in Web Page Filtering
Chung, Wingyan Chaboya, Luis G.; O'Toole,Christopher; Atabakhsh, Homa An Evaluation Methodology for Coordinated Event Visualization: A Usability Study of COPLINK Spatio-Temporal Visualizer
Coleman, Anita S. Bartolo, Laura; Jones, Casey Bricoleurs: Exploring Digital Library Evaluation as Participant Interactions, Research, and Processes
da S. Torres, Ricardo Medeiros, Claudia Bauzer; Goncalves, Marcos Andre; Fox; Edward A. An OAI-based Digital Library Framework for Biodiversity Informatin Systems
DIALOGPLUS Team   DIALOGPLUS: Digital Libraries in Support of Innovative Approaches to Learning and Teaching in Geography
Downie, J. Stephen Olson, Tod Toward Melodic Access and Title Uniformity in the Chopin Early Editions Music Digital Library
Dufour, Christine Bergeron, Pierrette Toward a Unified Framework for Assessing the Complexity of Digital Libraries
Gu,Qianyi Sumner, Tamara; Ahmad, Faisal; Bhushan, Sonal Dynamically Generating Conceptual Browsing Interfaces for Digital Libraries
Hartman, Cathy Phillips, Mark; Nordstrom,Kurt The University of North Texas Libraries' Portal to Texas History: Archival Challenges and Solutions
Hemminger, Bradley Bolas, Gerald; Carr, David; Jones, Paul; Schiff, Doug; England, Nick Capturing Content for Virtual Museums: from Pieces to Exhibits
Iverson, Lee   Digital Library Service Models and NODAL
Jeng, Judy   Usability of Digital Libraries: An Evaluation Model
Koch, Traugott Ardö, Anders; Golub, Koraljka Browsing and searching behavior in the Renardus Web service. A study based on log analysis.
Lee, Chen-Yu Soo, Von-Wun; Fu, Yi-Ting How to annotate an image? The Need of an Image Annotation Guide Agent
Liu, Xiaoming Bollen, Johan; Nelson, Michael L.; Van de Sompel, Herbert; Hussell, Jeremy; Luce, Rick; Marks, Linn Toolkits for Visualizing Co-Authorship Graph
Maloney, Krisellen James, John Scholars Portal: Moving Beyond Simple Metasearch
Marill, Jennifer L. Boyko, Andrew; Ashenfelder, Michael; Graham, Laura Tools and Techniques for Harvesting the World Wide Web
McIntyre, Sandra Dennis, Sharon; Uijtdehaage, Sebastian; Candler, Chris A Digital Library for Health Sciences Educators: The Health Education Assets Library (HEAL)
McMartin, Flora Wetzel, Melanie; Hanely, Gerard Ensuring the Quality of Peer Review
Muramatsu, Brandon Giersch, Sarah; McMartin, Flora; Weimar, Steve; Klotz, Gene “If You Build It, Will They Come?” Lessons Learned from the Workshop on Participant Interaction In Digital Libraries
Nelson, Micheal Calhoun, Joanne R.; Mackey, Calvin The OAI-PMH NASA Technical Report Server
Paskausky, Estelle   Alessandro Kraus Music Pamphlet Digitization
Quintana, Chris Zhang, Meilan The Digital IdeaKeeper: Integrating Digital Libraries with a Scaffolded Environment for Online Inquiry
Rydberg-Cox, Jeffrey A. Vetter, Lara; Ruger, Stefan; Heesch; Daniel Cross-Lingual Searching and Visualization for Greek and Latin and Old Norse Texts
Yang, Kiduk Jacob, Elin A hybrid approach to generating and utilizing faceted vocabulary for knowledge discovery on the web
Zhang, Junliang Marchionini; Gary Coupling Browse and Search in Highly Interactive User Interfaces: A Study of the Relation Browser++
Accepted Demonstrations

Principal Author
Allen, Bradley P Tennis, Joseph T. Building Metadata-Based Navigation Using Semantic Web Standards: The Dublin Core 2003 Conference Proceedings
Bainbridge, David Witten, Ian H. Greenstone Digital Library Software: Current Research
Bier, Eric Popat, Kris; Good, Lance; Newberger, Alan Zoomable User Interface for In-Depth Reading
Castelli, Donatella Pagano, Pasquale; Simi, Manuele eLibrary and ARTE: Two OpenDLib Digital Libraries
da Silva Torres, Ricardo Medeiros, Claudia Bauzer; Goncalves, Marcos Andre; Fox, Edward A. An OAI Compliant Content-Based Image Search Component
Heesch, Daniel Pickering, Marcus; Howarth, Peter; Yavlinsky, Alexei; Rueger, Stefan Digital Library Access via Image Similarity Search
Hemminger, Bradley Bolas, Gerald; Carr, David; Jones, Paul; Schiff, Doug; England, Nick Capturing Content for Virtual Museums: from Pieces to Exhibits
Hemminger, Bradley Bolus, Gerald; Schiff, Doug Visiting Virtual Reality Museum Exhibits
Houser, Leah Wagaman, Stephanie OCLC Digital Archive demonstration
Larson, Ray R. Frontiera, Patricia Demo: Geographic Information Retrieval (GIR) Ranking Methods for Digital Libraries
Mimno, David Patton, Mark Services for a Customizable Authority Linking Environment
Notess, Mark Michelle Cooper, Jenn Riley From Abstract to Virtual Entities: Implementation and Evaluation of Work-Based Searching in a Multimedia Digital Library
Ravindranathan, Unni Shen, Rao; Goncalves, Marcos Andre; Fan, Weiguo; Fox, Edward A.; Flanagan, James W. ETANA-DL: Managing Complex Information Applications - An Archaeology Digital Library
Smith, Michael Choi, Andy; Aublant, Serge Mobile Image Capture and Management
The ADL team   The Alexandria Digital Library and the Alexandria Digital Earth Prototype Project
Yaron, David Gaea Leinhardt, Mike Karabinos, Emma Rehm, Rea Freeland, Jordi Cuadros, Karen Evans, BaoHui Zhang, D. Jeff Milton, and Tim Palucka Using digital libraries to build educational communities: The ChemCollective
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