Posters and Demonstrations

Posters are numbered according to location in the reception room, Colorado E/F


Poster layout diagram, Colorado Ballroom E/F

1. The DLESE Evaluation Services Group: A Framework for Evaluation within a Digital Library
S. Buhr, L. Barker ( University of Colorado at Boulder), T. C. Reeves (The University of Georgia)

2. Using Strand Maps to Engage Digital Library Users with Science Content
K. R. Butcher, S. Bhushan (DLESE Program Center, UCAR)

3. Impact: The Last Frontier in Digital Library Evaluation
A. S. Coleman ( University of Arizona), L. M. Bartolo ( Kent State University), C. Jones (National Science Digital Library Central Office)

4. Large Introductory Science Courses & Digital Libraries
L. M. Bartolo, C. S. Lowe (Kent State University), D. R. Sadoway, P. E. Trapa (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

5. Teaching Boxes and Web Services: Optimizing the Digital Library for Earth System Education for the Classroom
L. Davis, S. Olds ( DLESE Program Center, UCAR)

6. Facilitating the Effective Use of Earth Science Data in Education through Digital Libraries: Bridging the Gap between Scientists and Educators
T. S. Ledley, L. Dahlman (TERC), B. Domenico ( Unidata Program Center, UCAR), M. R. Taber ( University of Northern Colorado)

7. The Climate Change Collection: A Case Study on Digital Library Collection Review and the Integration of Research, Education and Evaluation
M. McCaffrey, T. Weston (University of Colorado at Boulder)

8. Tools for Managing Collaboration, Communication, and Website Content Development in a Distributed Digital Library Community
M. Weingroff, S. Bhushan (DLESE Program Center, UCAR)

9. PDLib: Personal Digital Libraries with Universal Access
F. Alvarez-Cavazos, D. A. Garza-Salazar, J. C. Lavariega-Jarquin ( Informatics Research Center, ITESM, Campus Monterrey)

10. A Fluid Treemap Interface for Personal Digital Libraries
L. Good, A. C. Popat, W. C. Janssen, E. Bier (Palo Alto Research Center, Inc.)

11. MyPDL: A Web-based Personal Digital Library
W. He, D. Shen (University of Missouri-Columbia)

12. Demo: The UpLib Personal Digital Library System
W. C. Janssen (Palo Alto Research Center, Inc)

13. CQE: A Collaborative Querying Environment
L. Fu, D. H.-L. Goh, S. S.-B. Foo (Nanyang Technological University)

14. Task Difficulty in Information Searching Behavior: Expected Difficulty and Experienced Difficulty
J. Kim ( Rutgers University)  

15. Down on the OCR Farm: How We Produced Searchable PDFs for 7 Million Documents in a Student Computer Lab
R. Mason, H. Schmidt, R. Trott ( University of California at San Francisco)

16. Take Note: Academic Note-taking and Annotation Behavior
S. J. Cunningham, C. Knowles ( University of Waikato)

17. Real-Time Genre Classification for Music Digital Libraries
J. S. Downie, A. F. Ehmann, D. Tcheng ( University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

18. Music-to-Knowledge (M2K): A Prototyping and Evaluation Environment for Music Digital Library Research
J. S. Downie, A. F. Ehmann, X. Hu ( University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

19. EVIADA: Ethnomusicological Video for Instruction and Analysis Digital Archive
J. W. Dunn, W. G. Cowan ( Indiana University)

20. Música Colonial: 18th Century Music Score Meets 21st Century Digitalization Technology
T. Gan ( Miami University Libraries)  

21. Metadata for Phonograph Records: Facilitating New Forms of Use and Access to Analog Sound Recordings
C. Lai, I. Fujinaga ( McGill University), C. A. Leive (Marvin Duchow Music Library)  

22. BEN Collaborative Poster
L. Akli (AAAS), C. Collins (Akaza Research), Y. George (AAAS)

23. An Information Network Overlay Architecture for the NSDL
C. Lagoze, D. B. Krafft ( Cornell University), S. Jesuroga (National Science Digital Library Central Office), T. Cornwell, E. J. Cramer, E. Shin ( Cornell University)

24. Motivating and Supporting Faculty Use of Educational Digital Libraries: An Example from the Geosciences
C. A. Manduca, E. R. Iverson, S. Fox ( Carleton College), F. McMartin (MERLOT)

25. A Reciprocal Platform for Archiving Interview Videos about Arts and Crafts
K. Aihara, A. Takasu (National Institute of Informatics)

26. A Signal/Semantic Framework for Image Retrieval
M. Belkhatir, Y. Chiaramella, P. Mulhem (MRIM-IMAG/CNRS)

27. Video Recommendations for the Open Video Project
J. Bollen (Los Alamos National Laboratory), M. L. Nelson, R. Araujo ( Old Dominion University), G. Geisler ( Simmons College)

28. Integrating Image-rich Biological Information with a Web Search Tool: The InsideWood Model
S. Rodgers, E. Wheeler, T. Simpson, J. Bartlett ( North Carolina State University, Raleigh)

29. Evaluation of Mobile Information Retrieval Strategies
J. M. Jose, S. Downes ( University of Glasgow)

30. Media Matrix: A Digital Library Research Tool
M. Kornbluh, M. Fegan, D. Rehberger ( Michigan State University)

31. Visual Understanding Environment
A. Kumar, R. Saigal ( Tufts University)

32. Digital Libraries on Handhelds for Autistic Children
G. Leroy, S. Chuang, J. Huang ( Claremont Graduate University), M. H. Charlop-Christy ( Claremont McKenna College)

33. A Study of Annotations for a Consumer Health Portal
L. Luo, D. West, G. Marchionini, C. Blake ( University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

34. BioPortal: A Case Study in Infectious Disease Informatics
D. Zeng, H. Chen, C. Tseng, W. Chang (The University of Arizona), M. Eidson, I. Gotham ( University of Albany), C. Lynch ( University of California at Davis)

35. User Centred Interactive Search in the Humanities
C. Warwick, J. Rimmer, A. Blandford, G. Buchanan ( University College London)

36. Negotiating Identity in The Math Forum’s Online Mentoring Project
W. Shumar ( Drexel University), C. Bach ( Kaplan University)

37. Building Image-based Electronic Editions using the Edition Production Technology
A. Dekhtyar, I. E. Iacob, J. Jaromczyk, K. Kiernan, N. Moore, D. C. Porter ( University of Kentucky)

38. Processing XML Documents with Overlapping Hierarchies
I. E. Iacob, A. Dekhtyar ( University of Kentucky)

39. Using Concept Maps as a Cross-Language Resource Discovery Tool for Large Documents in Digital Libraries
R. Richardson, E. A. Fox (Virginia Tech)

40. What Type of Page is This? Genre as Web Descriptor
M. A. Rosso ( Meredith College)

41. Icon Abacus and Ghost Icons
E. A. Bier (Palo Alto Research Center, Inc.), A. Perer ( University of Maryland)

42. JISC Metadata Schema Registry
R. Heery, P. Johnston ( University of Bath), D. Beckett, N. Rogers( University of Bristol)

43. Schema Mapper: A Visualization Tool for DL Integration
A. Raghavan, D. Rangarajan, R. Shen (Virginia Tech), M. A. Gonçalves (Federal University of Minas Gerais), N. S. Vemuri, W. Fan, E. A. Fox (Virginia Tech)

44. Personalized Project Space for Managing Metadata of Geography Learning Objects
W. Zong, D. Wu, A. Sun, E.-P. Lim, D. H.-L. Goh, Y.-L. Theng, J. Hedberg, C.-H. Chang (Nanyang Technological University)

45. Innovative Training Solutions for Digitization
A. L. Maroso ( University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

46. Creating the Infrastructure for Collaboration between Digital Reference Services and Researchers: The Digital Reference Electronic Warehouse (DREW) Project
S. Nicholson, R. D. Lankes ( Syracuse University)

47. Osprey: Peer-to-peer Enabled Content Distribution
J. Reuning, P. Jones ( University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

48. Applying Verification, Validation, and Accreditation Processes to Digital Libraries
D. Joiner ( Kean University), S. Gordon ( Ohio Supercomputer Center), S. Lathrop (Shodor Education Foundation),M. McClelland ( North Carolina State University), D. E. Stevenson ( Clemson University)

49. aDORe, A Modular and Standards-Based Digital Object Repository at the Los Alamos National Laboratory
J. Bekaert ( Los Alamos National Laboratory & Ghent University), X. Liu, H. Van de Sompel ( Los Alamos National Laboratory)

50. Building Lite-Weight EAD Repositories
T. Reese ( Oregon State University)

51. Terror Tracker System: A Web Portal for Terrorism Research
R. P. Schumaker, H. Chen, T. Wang, J. Wilkerson (The University of Arizona)

52. Studying the Presence of Terrorism on the Web: A Knowledge Portal Approach
Y. Zhou, J. Qin, E. Reid, G. Lai, H. Chen (The University of Arizona)

53. An Approach to Modeling Content for Digital Repositories
R. Chavez, N. Schwertner (Tufts University)

54. Measuring the Quality of Network Visualization
C. Chen ( Drexel University)

55. If You Harvest, Will They Come?
M. L. Nelson, J. Bollen ( Old Dominion University)

56. Mining and Analyzing Digital Archive Usage Data to Support Collection Development Decisions
J. Ward ( University of Southern California), J. Bollen ( Old Dominion University), J. Pearson, S.-C. Chan, H.-H. Chi, M. Chi, K. Guevara, H.-h. Huang, G. Kim, M. Krivokon, B. H. Lee, P.-H. Li, F. Muliawan, V. Nguyen, B. W. Boehm, A. W. Brown, E. Colbert, A. Lam, M. Patel ( University of Southern California)