ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries

June 13-17, 2011
Ottawa, Canada

Bringing Together Scholars,
Scholarship and Research Data

Hosted by the University of Ottawa


Demonstrations will be adjacent to Tuesday's lunch.

Liquid Benchmarks: Benchmarking-as-a-Service (Cancelled)
Sherif Sakr; Fabio Casati

Exploring Wikipedia with Hōpara
David Milne; Ian H. Witten

FRBRPedia: a Tool for FRBRizing Web products and Linking FRBR Entities to DBpedia
Fabien Duchateau; Naimdjon Takhirov; Trond Aalberg

An Interactive Flash Website for Oral Histories
Michael G. Christel; Bryan S. Maher; Julieanna Richardson

When Personalization Meets Socialization: an iCADAL Approach
Yin Zhang; Xiaojun Wang; Haihan Yu; Ruifeng Li; Baogang Wei; Jing Pan

Supporting Creative Work in Educational Digital Libraries
Naimdjon Takhirov

Introducing Mr. DLib, A Machine-readable Digital Library
Joeran Beel; Bela Gipp; Stefan Langer; Marcel Genzmehr; Erik Wilde; Andreas Nürnberger; Jim Pitman

Docear: An Academic Literature Suite for Searching, Organizing and Creating Academic Literature
Joeran Beel; Bela Gipp; Stefan Langer; Marcel Genzmehr

The Digital Library of Historical Cartography of the University of São Paulo
Rogerio Toshiaki Kondo, Maria de Lourdes R. Lirani, Anderson Canale Garcia, Iris Kantor, Caetano Traina Jr

GreenWiki - A Tool to Support Users' Assessment of the Quality of Wikipedia Articles (Cancelled)
Daniel Hasan Dalip; Raquel Lara Dos Santos; Diogo Rennó R. Oliveira; Valéria De Freitas Amaral; Marcos André Gonçalves; Raquel Oliveira Prates; Raquel C. M. Minardi; Jussara Marques De Almeida

Perambulating Libraries: Demonstrating How a Victorian idea can Help OLPC Users Share Books
David Bainbridge; Ian H. Witten

SNAC: The Social Networks and Archival Context Project
Ray R. Larson

Synchronicity - Automatically Rediscover Missing Web Pages in Real Time
Martin Klein; Moustafa Aly; Michael L. Nelson

The Iowa City UNESCO City of Literature Digital Library
Haowei Hsie, Bridget Draxler, Nicole Dudley, Jim Cremer, Lauren Haldeman, Dat Nguyen, Peter Likarish, Jon Winet

Exploiting Music Structures for Digital Libraries
Andreas F. Ehmann; Mert Bay; J. Stephen Downie; Ichiro Fujinaga; David De Roure