ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries

June 13-17, 2011
Ottawa, Canada

Bringing Together Scholars,
Scholarship and Research Data

Hosted by the University of Ottawa


Posters sessions will be adjacent to Tuesday evening's reception. (Presenters:  Poster board dimensions are 4’ x 4’.)

An Exploration of Pattern-based Subtopic Modeling for Search Result Diversification
Wei Zheng, Xuanhui Wang, Hui Fang, Hong Cheng

A Very Efficient Approach to News Title and Content Extraction on the Web
Hualiang Yan, Jianwu Yang

Web Video Search by Mutual Boosting between the Inside and Outside Text of Video
Yuxin Peng, Zhiguo Yang and Jian Yi

Visual Interfaces for Stimulating Exploratory Search
Ralf Krestel; Gianluca Demartini; Eelco Herder

Designing Interconnected Distributed Resources for Collaborative Inquiry Based Science Education
Anne Adams, Tim Coughlan, John Lea, Yvonne Rogers, Sarah Davies and Trevor Collins

Retrieving Attributes Using Web Tables
Arlind Kopliku; Karen Pinel-Sauvagnat; Mohand Boughanem

Towards a Model of the e-Science Data Environment
Stacy T. Kowalczyk

Social Reference: Aggregating Online Usage of Scientific Literature in CiteULike for Clustering Academic Resources
Jiepu Jiang; Daqing He; Chaoqun Ni

Digital Archives of Taiwan Agricultural History during The Japanese Colonial Period
Li-Ping Chen; Chunsheng Huang; Yi-Hui Chang

Developing a Concept Extraction Technique with Ensemble Pathway
Prat Tanapaisankit; Min Song; Edward A. Fox

SCOR/IODE/MBLWHOI Library Collaboration on Data Publication
Lisa Raymond; Linda Pikula; Roy Lowry; Ed Urban; Gwenaëlle Moncoiffé; Peter Pissierssens; Cathy Norton

A Content Analysis of Institutional Data Policies
Kayleigh Bohémier; Thea Atwood; Andreas Kuehn; Jian Qin

Are Learned Topics More Useful Than Subject Headings?
Youn Noh; Kat Hagedorn; David Newman

Detecting Academic Papers on the Web
Emi Ishita; Teru Agata; Atsushi Ikeuchi; Miyata Yosuke; Shuichi Ueda

Improving Scalability by Self-Archiving
Zhiwu Xie; Jinyang Liu; Herbert Van de Sompel; Johann van Reenen; Ramiro Jordan

An Analysis of Personal Collections among Users of Social Media
Paul Logasa Bogen II; Frank Shipman; Richard Furuta

WPv4: A Re-imagined Waldenʼs Paths to Support Diverse User Communities
Paul Logasa Bogen II, Daniel Pogue, Faryaneh Poursardar,Yuangling Li, Richard Furuta, Frank Shipman

Is Tagging Multilingual? - A Case Study with Bibsonomy
Juliane Stiller; Maria Gäde; Vivien Petras

Creating Meta-indexes for Digital Domains
Michael Huggett; Edie Rasmussen

Analytic Potential of Data: Assessing Reuse Value
Carole L. Palmer; Nicholas M. Weber; Melissa H. Cragin

Building a Research Social Network from an Individual Perspective (Cancelled)
Alberto H. F. Laender, Mirella M. Moro, Marcos André Gonçalves, Clodoveu A. Davis Jr., Altigran S. da Silva, Allan J. C. Silva, Carolina A. S. Bigonha, Daniel Hasan Dalip, Eduardo M. Barbosa, Eli Cortez, Peterson S. Procópio Jr., Rafael Odon de Alencar, Thiago N. C. Cardoso, Thiago Salles

Designing Map-Based Visualizations for Collection Understanding
Olga Buchel

How Children Find Books for Leisure Reading: Implications for the Digital Library
Sally Jo Cunningham

Repurposing Data across Disciplines: A Study of Data Reuse Issues Between Climate Science & Social Science
Lynne Davis; Peter Alston; John D'Ignazio

Improving Simulation Management Systems through Ontology Generation and Utilization
Jonathan Leidig; Edward A. Fox; Kevin Hall; Madhav Marathe; Henning Mortveit

CTRnet DL for Disaster Information Services
Seungwon Yang, Andrea Kavanaugh, Nádia P. Kozievitch, Lin Tzy Li, Venkat Srinivasan, Steven D. Sheetz, Travis Whalen, Donald Shoemaker, Ricardo da S. Torres, Edward A. Fox

Representing Educational Content in Digital Library Resources
Kirsten R. Butcher; Ashley Crockett; Sarah Davies

Units of Evidence for Analyzing Subdisciplinary Difference in Data Practice Studies
Melissa H. Cragin, Tiffany C. Chao, Carole L. Palmer

E-Informing the Public: Communicative Intents in the Production of Online Government Information
Luanne Freund; Justyna Berzowska; Leah Hopton

Using A Hidden Markov Model to Transcribe Handwritten Bushman Texts
Kyle Williams; Hussein Suleman

Connecting Research Data and Indigenous Communities
Elizabeth Mulhollann; Kirsten Thorpe; Gabrielle Gardiner

RFV: Interactive Geographical Visualization for Citation Network Exploration
Chris Aikens; George Lucchese; Patrick Webster; Andruid Kerne