ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries

June 13-17, 2011
Ottawa, Canada

Bringing Together Scholars,
Scholarship and Research Data

Hosted by the University of Ottawa

Full Papers

Full Papers

These papers are presented during concurrent session according to the Conference Schedule

On Identifying Academic Homepages for Digital Libraries
Sujatha Das; Lee Giles; Prasenjit Mitra; Cornelia Caragea

Archiving the Web using Page Changes Patterns: A Case Study nominee
Myriam Ben Saad; Stéphane Gançarski

Measuring Historical Word Sense Variation nominee
David Bamman; Gregory Crane

Integrating Implicit Structure Visualization with Authoring Promotes Ideation
Andrew M. Webb; Andruid Kerne

A Research Agenda for Data Curation Cyberinfrastructure
Carl Lagoze; Karin Patzke

SharedCanvas: A Collaborative Model for Medieval Manuscript Layout Dissemination nominee
Robert Sanderson; Benjamin Albritton, Rafael Schwemmer; Herbert Van de Sompel

Detecting and Exploiting Stability in Evolving Heterogeneous Information Spaces
George Papadakis; George Giannakopoulos; Claudia Niederée; Themis Palpanas; Wolfgang Nejdl

Retrieval and Exploratory Search in Multivariate Research Data Repositories using Regressional Features
Maximilian Scherer; Jürgen Bernard; Tobias Schreck

Resolving Author Name Homonymy to Improve Resolution of Structures in Co-author Networks nominee
Theresa Velden; Asif-ul Haque; Carl Lagoze

Taking Chemistry to the Task – Personalized Queries for Chemical Digital Libraries (pdf)
Sascha Tönnies; Benjamin Köhncke; Wolf-Tilo Balke

A Source Independent Framework for Research Paper Recommendation
Cristiano Nascimento; Alberto H. F. Laender; Altigran S. da Silva; Marcos André Gonçalves

Using National Bibliographies for Rights Clearance
Nuno Freire; Andreas Juffinger

A Metadata Geoparsing System for Place Name Recognition and Resolution in Metadata Records
Nuno Freire; José Borbinha; Pável Calado; Bruno Martins

Eliminating the Redundancy in Blocking-based Entity Resolution Methods
George Papadakis; Ekaterini Ioannou; Claudia Niederée; Themis Palpanas; Wolfgang Nejdl

A Social Network-Aware Top-N Recommender System using GPU
Ruifeng Li; Yin Zhang; Haihan Yu; Xiaojun Wang; Jiangqin Wu; Baogang Wei

Structure Extraction from PDF-based Book Documents
Liangcai Gao; Zhi Tang; Xiaofan Lin; Ying Liu; Ruiheng Qiu; Yongtao Wang

Game Development Documentation and Institutional Collection Development Policy
Megan A. Winget; W. Walker Sampson

In the Bookshop: Examining Popular Search Strategies
George Buchanan; Dana Mckay

Preservation Decisions: Terms and Conditions Apply - Challenges Misperceptions and Lessons Learned in Preservation Planning
Christoph Becker; Andreas Rauber

Understanding Digital Library Adoption: A Use Diffusion Approach nominee
Keith E. Maull; Manuel Gerardo Saldivar; Tamara Sumner

Event Detection with Spatial Latent Dirichlet Allocation
Chi-Chun Pan; Prasenjit Mitra

The Ownership and Reuse of Visual Media nominee
Catherine C. Marshall, Frank M. Shipman

Extending Digital Repository Architectures to Support Disk Image Preservation and Access
Kam Woods; Christopher A. Lee; Simson Garfinkel

Use of Subimages in Fish Species Identification: A Qualitative Study
Uma Murthy, Lin Tzy Li, Eric Hallerman, Edward A. Fox, Manuel A. Pérez-Quiñones, Lois M. Delcambre, Ricardo da S. Torres

That's ‘é’ not ‘þ’ ‘?’ or ‘☐’: A user-driven context-aware approach to erroneous metadata in digital libraries  nominee
David Bainbridge; Michael B. Twidale; David M. Nichols

CollabSeer: A Search Engine for Collaboration Discovery
Hung-Hsuan Chen; Liang Gou; Xiaolong Zhang; C. Lee Giles

Visualizing Collaboration Networks Implicit in Digital Libraries using OntoStarFish
J. Alfredo Sánchez; Ofelia Cervantes; Alfredo Ramos; María Auxilio Medina; Juan Carlos Lavariega; Eric Balam

Do Graphical Search Interfaces Support Effective Search for and Evaluation of Digital Library Resources?
Kirsten R. Butcher; Sarah Davies; Ashley Crockett; Aaron Dewald; Robert Zheng