ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries

June 13-17, 2011
Ottawa, Canada

Bringing Together Scholars,
Scholarship and Research Data

Hosted by the University of Ottawa

Short Papers

Short Papers

These papers are presented during concurrent session according to the Conference Schedule

A Link-based Visual Search Engine for Wikipedia
David Milne; Ian H. Witten

A New Video Text Detection Method
Jie Yuan; Baogang Wei; Weiming Lu; Lidong Wang

Ranking Authors in Digital Libraries
Sujatha Das; Prasenjit Mitra; C. Lee Giles

Product Review Summarization from a Deeper Perspective
Duy Khang Ly; Kazunari Sugiyama; Ziheng Lin; Min-Yen Kan

Phrases as Subtopical Concepts in Scholarly Text
Asif-ul Haque; Paul Ginsparg

That’s News to Me: The Influence of Perceived Gratifications and Personal Experience on News Sharing in Social Media
Long Ma; Chei Sian Lee; Dion Hoe-Lian Goh

Serendipitous Recommendation for Scholarly Papers Considering Relations Among Researchers
Kazunari Sugiyama; Min-Yen Kan

Facilitating Content Creation and Content Research in Building the "City of Lit" Digital Library
Haowei Hsieh; Bridget Draxler; Nicole Dudley; Jim Cremer; Lauren Haldeman; Dat Nguyen; Peter Likarish; Jon Winet

When Use Cases Are Not Useful: Data Practices, Astronomy, and Digital Libraries
Laura Wynholds; David S. Fearon; Christine L. Borgman; Sharon Traweek

Tags in Domain-Specific Sites - New Information?
Jeremy Steinhauer; Lois M. L. Delcambre; David Maier; Marianne Lykke; Vu H. Tran

Comparative Evaluation of Text- and Citation-based Plagiarism Detection Approaches using GuttenPlag
Bela Gipp; Norman Meuschke; Joeran Beel

How Much of the Web Is Archived?
Scott G. Ainsworth; Ahmed AlSum; Hany SalahEldeen; Michele C. Weigle; Michael L. Nelson

Towards A New Reading Experience via Semantic Fusion of Text and Music
Ling Zhuang; Zhenchao Ye; Jiangqin Wu; Feng Zhou; Jian Shao

Semantically Augmented Annotations in Digitized Map Collections
Rainer Simon; Bernhard Haslhofer; Werner Robitza; Elaheh Momeni

Supporting Revisitation with Contextual Suggestions
Ricardo Kawase; George Papadakis; Eelco Herder

Physics Pathway: A Digital Library Filled with Synthetic Interviews
Michael G. Christel; Scott M. Stevens; Dean Zollman

World vs. Method: Educational Standard Formulation Impacts Document Retrieval
Byron Marshall; René Reitsma

Automating Open Educational Resources Assessments: A Machine Learning Generalization Study
Heather Leary; Mimi Recker; Andrew Walker; Philipp Wetzler; Tamara Sumner; James Martin

FRBR and Facets Provide Flexible, Work-Centric Access to Items in Library Collections
Kelley Mcgrath; Bill Kules; Chris Fitzpatrick

Word Order Matters: Measuring Topic Coherence with Lexical Argument Structure
Steve Spagnola; Carl Lagoze

Ember: A Case Study of a Digital Memorial Museum of Born-Digital Artifacts
Paul Logasa Bogen II; Richard Furuta

Classification of User Interest Patterns Using a Virtual Folksonomy
Ricardo Kawase; Eelco Herder

Indexing Musical Pieces Using their Major Repetition
Benjamin Martin; Pierre Hanna; Matthias Robine; Pascal Ferraro

Rediscovering Missing Web Pages Using Link Neighborhood Lexical Signatures
Martin Klein; Jeb Ware; Michael L. Nelson

SimDL: A Model Ontology Driven Digital Library for Simulation Systems
Jonathan Leidig; Edward Fox; Kevin Hall; Madhav Marathe; Henning Mortveit

What do You Call it? A Comparison of Library-Created and User-Created Tags
Catherine Hall; Michael Zarro

Persistent Annotations Deserve New URIs
Abdulla Alasaadi; Michael L. Nelson